Work SMART with your SmartPhone

The greatest thing about SmartPhones is that executives are no longer chained to their desks. You can work anywhere. That’s also the worst thing about SmartPhones – you can work anywhere.




  • Nearly 90% of our clients say they want to learn how to use their BlackBerries better.
  • Nearly 75% of our clients say they feel a nagging urge to constantly check their Blackberry.
  • And dangerously, more than 50% can’t put the Blackberry down even while they drive.

Today, my goal

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is to get your SmartPhone working for you with a couple tips from our Get Control! of Your BlackBerryseminar.

Limit Interruptions while you’re using your SmartPhone:
a. Click on the Speaker icon in the upper right hand corner of the Desktop
b.Check Use Phone Only
c.Use Quiet while you’re in a meeting
d.And – GULP! – turn OFF your BlackBerry in important meetings

Get Control! Of Outlook seminar Save yourself time and headache of micro-managing people in the office.

Create a TASK in Outlook when you assign work for someone else to do.
Name the TASK i.e. Budeget Reports Due
Give the TASK a start and end date.
Assign it to the appropriate person (s)
When it is complete, Outlook will send you an automatic notification that it is done.



Give us your time and we’ll teach you how to make more of it.

For more information on how we can take your productivity to the next level and for corporate pricing email us through the contact form.


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