“We” vs. “Me”

How do you get it all done
in the Summer?
Simple Equation:

How do we find extra time in our schedules in the summer? The children’s activities, extra yard work, vacation time, fun time you name it and somehow mysteriously we find the time in the same 1440 minutes in the day. How does it get done? We must be concentrating harder at work to become more efficient to get out of the office on time! Perhaps its team work everyone is focusing on the right priorities. Let’s get home to our families and fun. How can we keep up that momentum all year long?

With any initiative we emphasize the greatest ROI comes when many people adopt a small number of high impact best practices, similar to what you most likely devise for your family with creating and assigning chores to keep the household running smoothly.

Business environment is no different. Productivity is lost through ineffective team interaction (focusing on the wrong priorities, poorly written email, lost info on shared drives, unprepared meeting participants, etc.). One

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inefficient person on a team can slow the entire team down! If one team member writes long-winded messages – everyone suffers.

The biggest loser is a leader who doesn’t know how to coach productivity. The result is a team that falls behind on projects, misses opportunities, and frequently mis-communicates.

Just as we may pick the eldest child to help oversee the home, let’s plan our work initiative with the thought of “WE” vs. ‘Me” mentality.

11Pilot Program: Kaizen Method has been around since World War II, which means continuous improvement. If you assign chores and they don’t get it quite right don’t just give up and say you should have done it yourself. Teach and go for continuous improvement.

When we start a Pilot Training Program in a company and then activate the programming company wide the departments will do nothing but improve.

We start by activating the “team training” category and find leader champions who are ambitious and results oriented. They’ll motivate their people to attend because they see a better way for everyone to work. Hint: The higher you go in the management ladder, the more people “get” that this is an enterprise imperative. Leaders view the benefits of efficiency and improved productivity as a corporate quality or a process improvement initiative similar to Six Sigma or Lean.

Then when the pilot is a smash hit, a team-based program will be easy to scale to the rest of the organization. Think big. Think team.


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