The best way to communicate on the phone

111. Be Prepared- If no-one answers when you call
Many times we are prepared for a two way conversation; however 70% of all calls are answered by a voice mail.

Make sure you have a quick message prepared in your mind if no one answers. As briefly as possible leave Who-What-Where-Why and When.

2. Who is calling?
Speak slowly and clearly, give your name and spell your name if it isn’t an easy one to interrupt. Leave your phone number at the beginning and the end of the message.

3. What & Why
Be clear and concise but let the caller know why you are calling.

If there is anything that you are asking them to do and it can be stated briefly, do so.

4. Where
If the action requires a location be specific

5. When
State timeline if you have one. Don’t let the caller guess when you want the requested information.

6. Length
The message should be one-minute long or less. It is important not to check your

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messages every few minutes. Block out time for clearing the messages just as you do for emails.

7. Give as well as receive information
Pre-record a message to say you’re out/on vacation
Let the caller know there are options, e.g. press ‘0’ to talk to reception or an extension number for another contact in your area.

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