Small Business Solutions


Increase your sales * Improve your bottom line * Achieve high ROI * Leverage your edge & competitive advantage * Be more productive * Attract new clients * Manage your workflow more efficiently * Get access to members only site * Play in the big leagues!

 All that and more just by implementing our Small business solutions!


The Need

In the super competitive environment we live in today, it’s imperative for any small / medium sized business owner to: 

✓ Constantly update your working skills 

✓ Streamline your processes thereby making you more effective 

✓ Improve productivity and efficiency of your workflow


For Whom

It’s one of a kind customizable package solution created for those small and medium business owners who up until now didn’t had access to the kind of training, and optimizing tools that the fortune 500 companies and other big corporations received after spending a considerable sum of money.

The Offerings

Small Business solutions, is a customizable and scalable program and is delivered by including on-site and virtual training. The package includes:

✓ Personal and Work Assessments

✓ Evaluation of current work environment

✓ Compilation of productivity Blue Print

✓ Creating Guidelines

✓ Productivity Classes and Coaching

✓ Support and Counseling

✓ Weekly calls to provide feedback and to keep you on track as you progress through the process.

✓ Members only site






The small business solutions program offered by The Time’s UP comes at a fraction of price when compared to what bigger businesses spend for the same kind of product. In our crusade to help small businesses have the same kind of edge  and competitive advantage like their bigger rivals, we offer the complete package to small businesses at an affordable price, contact us for a quote or to know more.




Flagship TrainingGet Control-Training Overview

TRAINING Programs-view our lineup of course that are sold Individualy with Live Webinars & Self Paced E-  Learning Courses

Start saving immediately, so you can Increase your sales, improve bottom line and gain the competitive edge. We aid you in getting on top of all the technology overload!



What would you do with 15 days a year?

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.”

– Napoleon Hill





Gain the competitive edge; business coaching mentors you by providing expertise, personal accountability, coaching calls, and ongoing access to training and resources.


Tech Tips Dollarphotoclub


Tech Tips

What could you and your colleagues accomplish with a 20% time same? Get Started with your first tip!




We have combined a unique Blueprint Solutions. This solution is guaranteed to bring you ultimate success with a combination or quality programming, one on one coaching and implementation, regular support!



Getting Organized: Workshop-This is the foundation for your Success!

Solid Ideas Made Simple: The Getting Organized addresses six major causes of disorganization: Learning to prioritize to increase Sales, Handling Incoming Items, Project Management issues, Personality Issues,  Psychological Issues and Time Management issues with technology.

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