Shortage of Time: Stuck on how to make a decision?

Productivity Issue:

If you keep complaining about not having enough time to get everything done? Let’s look at a clarification Process.
Clarification Process:

What area are you struggling with? Make a list of a few items to get the process going.

Clarify the nature and severity of the problem:

1. Is this a serious issue worth your time and focus?

2. Will it resolve itself with the passage of time?

3. Will changes in your current circumstances change anything?

Rank the items you listed in the Clarification Process. Following four issues 1 to 10 with 1 being the least severe and 10 being the most severe:

_____ Duration?
(How long have you struggled with this problem?)
_____ Frequency?
(How often do you struggle with this problem?)
_____ Intensity?
(What is the magnitude or strength of this problem?)
_____ Crossover Effects?
(Is this negatively impacting other areas of your life?)

_____ Total


2. What specifically are you unable to do that you do not have time to do?




3. Is this a problem that you genuinely desire to solve?
_____ Yes _____ No

4. Are you willing to modify your behavior if necessary (including some of your long-standing habits) in order to solve this problem?
_____ Yes _____ No


No      Create more time Yes     Eliminate low value activities Yes    Delegate activities – Human solutions Yes    Delegate activities – Technology solutions Yes    Efficiency solutions (in this case, doing things in less            time)

I hope this will help you on gain the mental edge on moving forward and getting the wheels out of the mud when you get mentally stuck with your decisions. If you would like more information on how to be more productive with our, “Go System” training take a look at, the six major causes of disorganization.



Give us your time and we’ll teach you how to make more of it.

For more information on how we can take your productivity to the next level and for corporate pricing email us through the contact form.

Karen Cynowa, is a professional organizer, productivity consultant and national trainer and author. Karen’s offers training which increases productivity with Email, Document Management, Meetings, I-Phone, I-Pads, Outlook and Blackberry. This training has been successful in over 15% of fortune 500 companies and brings immediate results.

These programs have improved productivity in excess of 25-30 days a year. Let Time’s Up assist you in finding the time to take your personnel and your business to the next level. 866-906-7767



Give us your time and we’ll teach you how to make more of it.

For more information on how we can take your productivity to the next level and for corporate pricing email us through the contact form.


Karen Cynowa
Productivity Consultant
Certified Trainer & Professional Organizer
866 906 7767

©2014 Karen T. Cynowa, Time’s Up Consulting



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