Meetings: The Practical Alternative to Work!

11Are you lonely? Hate working on your own? Don’t like making decisions? Then call a meeting!

You can:
SEE people
DRAW flowcharts
FEEL important
FORM subcommittees
IMPRESS your colleagues

ALL on company time!

It’s not so funny when you consider how true it is. Unproductive meetings drain morale and get your people off-course, making it even more difficult to be productive the rest of the day. Meetings should not be office get-togethers.

Meetings now consume 30-40% of the average professional’s day.

62% of meetings lack a clearly stated objective and agenda.

Follow today’s tips and you’ll start saving you and your co-workers 6 DAYS A YEAR.

TIP #1

Schedule 20- and 50-minute meetings. We tend to schedule hour-long or half-hour-long meetings because that’s how we measure time. By shortening meetings just ten minutes, not only will you help your people make it on time to their next meeting, they’ll appreciate that you respect their time. And you’ll come to find that you didn’t need that extra ten minutes after all. (Next time cut the meeting time down 15 minutes!)

TIP #2

Create a Power Draft email so you always attend meetings 150% prepared.

First explain in one sentence that you are emailing to ensure you are properly prepared.
Request the objective and the meeting agenda.
Close the email by requesting the person let you know any and all information you should be prepared to share.



Give us your time

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and we’ll teach you how to make more of it.

For more information on how we can take your productivity to the next level and for corporate pricing email us through the contact form.


Karen Cynowa
Productivity Consultant
Certified Trainer & Professional Organizer
866 906 7767

©2014 Karen T. Cynowa, Time’s Up Consulting



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