How to save your career

Outlook is far more than email.

Have you ever found yourself saying, “if only I understood the computer programs I already have in place,” life would be easier?

Outlook is a robust corporate application that was built to make email and your life easy. Many of our clients had no idea how to use all the program has to offer.

Today’s quick tips will help you get a handle on Outlook right now and start using all the program has to offer.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to removing paper clutter and becoming the effective professional you strive to be. Being disorganized is not a luxury we have any more if we want our employees and organization to be on top of their game.11

Stop rewriting the same email over and over. Save yourself time with a Power Draft.

In a new email message, type the guts of your message. Give it a general subject such as “Client Thank You” (the subject line name will be used for your reference only).

Select File, then save to keep it in your draft folder. Don’t use save as.
When you need to write another email, go to your drafts folder in Outlook, highlight the draft click hit Control-C (to copy it), then Control-V (to paste it).
Open the duplicate email, add an introduction or personal note, change the subject line to be appropriate and send it!

We call the next tips a Career Saver!

How many times have you had to send a follow-up email because you forgot to include attachments? Do you feel foolish apologizing to your boss or your most important client for failing to attach the essential documents? It’s our job to make you look good!

Follow this rule and never feel foolish again!

Delay sending every email by 2 minutes!

Create a rule in Outlook

Click on Tools/Rules and Alerts
Select Check Messages After Sending
Click Next twice
Click YES and you will see this message: “This rule will fire for all outgoing mail.”
Set to Defer delivery by 2 minutes.
Select Finish

Our workshops enable every member of an organization to work more efficiently and effectively together. We help our clients get the most important tasks done during the day so they don’t have to be in the office all night.

You give us your time and we’ll teach you how to make more of it.

For more information on how we can take your productivity to the next level and for corporate pricing email us through the contact form.

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