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Our professionals will do assessments over the phone or on-site on:

Aligning Training with business goals, mission and employee interaction

Every Organization professional knows that in order to be better in their domain, one needs a realistic assessment to identify the pain points and make improvement in those areas.

At Time’s UP we have created assessments on the objectives and goals that professionals and organizations look to accomplish within their resources. The self assessments help professionals identify the areas where workflow can be interrupted. The self assessments can work like a mirror while you are taking them by paying attention to the questions and don’t blame us if they make you realize that there could be room for improvement. Yet it is recognizing and bringing to reality these areas, when you may have never given a thought regarding them due to your busy schedule or have been avoiding them.

We look forward to taking you to the next level in your Personal and Professional life.

You may qualify for a complimentary 30-minute consultation. Take our Free Self-Assessment below to find out.

Email Assessment

Small Business
The Email assessment has been created to identify the areas of important Small Business improvement in the way you deal with your Emails, so as to make it less time consuming and highly efficient. How about accomplishing more in your Email communications and improving team interaction by spending only half the time you currently do?

Work Assessment

3d small people - team mechanism How organized are you? Is there a way to improve the work environment and habits at the workplace? Take the work assessment, answer a few simple questions about how you get things done, how satisfied are you with the results and once we have tallied & mailed the score allows us to help you in getting more productive by doing the routine things, differently.

Personal/Household Assessment

Do you have a healthy work-life balance? Have you set your priorities right in order to have both a successful career and meaningful life? The Personal/Household assessment lets you know, where you stand in terms of the other major areas of your life apart from work and what improvements are needed in order to save time for them.


Go System Pre Class Survey

The GO system Pre Class Survey consists of issues which you would like to be emphasized upon in the Getting Organized (GO System) training class. Every professional faces different issues depending on their work environment or their personality type, for some it might be improvement regarding their ability to focus and for others it might be improving their ability in handling interruptions. By taking the GO System Pre-Class you allow us to identify the issues which are more significant to you than others.

Cost of Disorganization

Cost of Disorganization banner Dollarphotoclub_50236259

At Time’s Up we thoroughly believe that being disorganized is a major factor that negatively influences an organization’s bottom-line, this assessment is a testament to that belief. Find out that how much being disorganized is costing you? We don’t proclaim that we will be accurate to the last digit but rest assured you will get a fairly decent idea of how much you are losing by not being organized and efficient.

Case Studies

3D Case Studies Crossword

Learn how we helped two of the world’s most effective companies get control. Ask us how we can help you achieve the same results of saving 15-19 days a year with our process improvement initiative.


Give us your time and we will teach you how to make more of it.

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