Our Corporate Enterprise Solution is Innovative Time Management

Like your have never seen! Time Management Training has been reinvented!

Our team has identified critical areas that can impede performance of your employees with productivity. Master e-communications (email, text, IM, Social Media) and virtual meetings to maintain excellent  relationships, team focus, and job satisfaction.

Are you struggling to focus and juggle all the tasks in a world overloaded with technology and information overload? We’ll help your team get control of their biggest personal productivity pain points so they can be your highest producers. The proven, measurable results have resulted in our clients gaining 3 hours a week in their schedule by adopting these best practices.View our White Papers and Case Studies below to see for yourself. 

Replace the fluffy, expensive, all-day time management classes with a complete, one-stop solution that offers compact, relevant, tech-driven courses.

E-Learning | Webinar | Platinum Support

Unlimited Access/Attendance: Train everybody, everywhere 24-7 for one low flat rate. Our revolutionary eModules, webinars, and live sessions have no caps, restrictions, or extras fees.

Multiple Formats: Participants choose what works best for them – driving higher usage and better results. Install ground-breaking Get Control! eModules on your LMS and also receive registration links to 40 Get Control! Webinars. We package high impact “Wow!” insights into short, powerful 30-60-90 minute sessions.

Platinum support: Implementation made easy with own internal marketing program, ROI measurement tool, sustainability program, and ongoing utilization assistance.



Get Control Training Overview-Corporate page



Introduction of our Get Control Training Corporate Enterprise Solution. Great for onboarding new employees, updating current staff! We motivate and increase the effectiveness of all your teams. To View our entire course line up: Contact us we will be happy to email all the details and discuss how we can do an entire Roll Out for your team.

Get Control!™ Corporate Platinum Packages:

15 Amazing Classes – View and download the full course descriptions HERE.


Wounded Workflow White Paper

Wounded White Paper
Productivity Pain Points that Cost the US $1 Trillion Each Year and Hurt Your Organization’s Productivity, Profits and Sales. View our study of over 35,000 i-workers and see how we can have addressed the four productivity pain points that are crippling the current workforce.   GET FREE DOWNLOAD


Flagship Training Programs

Flagship Training

Get Control saves companies an average of 15 days a year. Our award-winning suite has saved fortune 500 companies up to 30 days a year. To Viewthe entire course lineup, please contact us and we will be happy to share with your and discuss how we can Roll Out the programming for your team.



Free Web Demo on the Get Control Enterprise Solution

Free Web Demo

  • If you are the decision maker for Learning & Developing programming with your company?
  •  Do you have at least 40 employees in Management, Sales, Administrative rolls and would like to learn how to increase their productivity? How does an extra 12-15 days a year of extra time sound? Imagine what you could do with that?
  •  I ask you for an hour of your time.  The hour consists of a 10 minutes for a Free Consultation, 30 minute Web Demo, 20 minutes of some very powerful tips.
  •  For your time, you will also receive a copy of my head trainers Best Selling Book, “The Hamster Revolution”!

Tech Tips

Tech Tips Dollarphotoclub

What could you and your colleagues accomplish with a 20% time same? 


Get Control Case Studies-Click Here to Download Studies

3D Case Studies Crossword

Get Control! Training participants save 15 days a year. These organizations achieved millions in productivity gains and cost reductions. Learn how two of the world’s most effective companies leveraged Get Control! Training as an enterprise-wide process improvement initiative.




Gain the competitive edge; business coaching mentors you by providing expertise, personal accountability, coaching calls, and ongoing access to training and resources.


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