Get Control! Client Success Stories

98% of over 40,000 Get Control! participants surveyed indicate that the seminar was a great use of time!

Thank you! After taking the Get Control! of Info course, I reorganized my files and was shocked! This has to be the biggest impact on me – of any course – in my entire life.

Ronda Deese, Reentry Design Manager, Lockheed Martin

People are saying we’ve set them free!

Nic Oatridge, Global IT Director, Novartis

A huge difference in time management for me!

Jo-Anne Whalen, Dir. of Business Dev., Sotheby’s

We Saved 15 Days a Year!

Matt Koch, Productivity Manager, Capital One

The Get Control! Team Made This Collaboration a Pleasure!

Beth A. Behnke, Training and Development, Venoco Inc.

Dynamic, High Impact Training!

Tony Robbins, Author, Unleash the Giant Within

Double Your Productivity!

Marshal Goldsmith, Alliant University

Get Control! was a HUGE Hit With Our People!

Joel Burkholder, Director, ACLCP

Great effective communication training. It saves time and money while eliminating misunderstandings.

Lisa Hiott, Training Manager, Beiersdorf

Ours is a staff that’s tough to impress, but everyone came away with useful tips and gave Mike’s presentation rave reviews.

Rob Howe, News Editor, People Magazine

Brilliant, Timely, and Deceptively Simple!

Paul Ruane, Dir. of Learning and Development, Schering Plough

It Works!

Ken Blanchard, Author, One Minute Manager

Engaging, Dynamic, and Applicable to All!

Joanna Brown National Director of HR, Advantage Sales & Mktg.

The Best I’ve Seen. These Lessons Stick!

Tom Patton, Chairman, Informed Medical Communications

Get Control! & Go System Success Stories

I offer the following comments on the attributes and qualifications of Karen Cynowa. I have worked with her in a business environment and have observed a number of strong characteristics. She is energetic, organized and a creative thinker. In my interaction with her, I found her to be extremely helpful and accommodation, and I have always had a pleasurable experience.
In addition, she is superb at sharing knowledge through the instruction or education of those around her. In Karen, as organization would be receiving a professional and knowledgeable individual who would be a valuable asset to the group.

Patricia Morinchin- Chrysler Group LLC

I have taken a vast number of personal and professional development workshops during my 20-year career. I have never had a learning experience impact me so positively, both personally and professionally, as the GO SYSTEM Workshop.

James W. Thomas Senior Partner/Consultant, Thomas, Stone, Wright & Associate’s

The Email seminar was really well presented and provided some great tips. I would recommend that all employees take the course.

Company metrics Time spent on email reduction 17% or 15 days a year.
Sending of emails reduced by 14% or 1482 emails
Quality of emails was increased by 28%
Sharing best practices was increased by 200%

Walter Mageria, Operations Director, Sprint-Nextel

I would like to thank you for your services relative to the Outlook training and the”Getting Organized” training you provided to me and my staff. Both sessions were very beneficial to us and in the months after your training, we have noticed increased efficiencies and better organization in our day to day routine. Thank you again.

John T. Scollin, Director, Doeren Mayhew Business Solutions Group

First of all, not only did I enjoy our session but am amazed at how just modifying a few steps has saved time that I can use more effectively in building our business.
Thank you for a professional and positive organizing experience.


I recently attended an abbreviated “Times UP” session conducted by Karen Cynowa and was very impressed! This was scheduled by our HR department so I knew it dealt with Email management but had no other expectations. From the relevant content to her presentation style, Karen kept us interested, entertained and focused on how we can become better organized and more efficient. I have already taken her suggestions to heart and feel I am being more productive already. Thanks Karen!

Dave Smith, Campbell-Ewald Advertising

Karen is flat out a phenomenal person! Her time saving techniques are tremendous at helping with developing at maintaining & expanding existing business as well as bringing in new revenue. I would recommend Karen in a heartbeat!!

Brad Eason, Palace of Auburn Hills

After attending the Go System, I was amazed with all my college background these times saving and productivity techniques were never taught in school. I am taking a much more conscientious outlook on keeping my personal and professional life in order. The material was articulated in an easy to understand format and interaction with Karen in class, made it inspiring.

Chad Miller, Building Management, DaimlerChrysler

Karen, Wow, all I can say is… wow.

Your Go System seminar has helped me get so organized that my wife thinks she’s married to a new man.

First I tackled my office and organized my files into nice compact units so that any active client project files (and there are a lot of them) can be grabbed fast.

Next I took seven drawers of copywriting reference—categorize, labeled and filed—by headlines, body text ideas, offers, calls to action, and order forms.

Finding stuff is now so easy that I’ve saved at least 4.75 hours a week not having to search through piles and stacks and drawers of reference materials. I’ve been using that extra time to help my clients create marketing that is far more profitable. Plus I’ve got more time to market my services to a laser targeted audience.

Anyway, after seeing my office, my wife gently suggested using my new found skills on the basement and garage that are totally trashed (thanks Karen ..)

Sanford Jay Barris-President, Business Marketing Services, Inc.

I have found Karen to be one of the most professional persons I have ever met in business today. Her visions and commitment is one that makes her “top notch” in her field. She steadily looks to grow her business by reaching out to people she meets and demonstrating the tools needed to succeed in today’s market place. Her valuable information she provides is crucial in helping today’s business professionals by giving them the opportunity needed to succeed. I would recommend Karen to anyone wanting to succeed in business today.

Bob Carabelli, The Tim Crawford Insurance Agency, Inc.


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