Are You a Sucker for Time Management Traps?

You May be Losing Potential Income!

Abstract business backgroundAs they say, time is money; if you’re not out movin’ and shakin’, you might as well kiss your income goodbye. But time management is a tricky beast. Corporate professionals and small business owners, especially those with limited funds, can spread themselves TOO THIN, thinking that they must be everything to everyone in order to get the next BIG thing. In reality, you can’t be available 24/7. You just can’t. If you are, or are trying to be, then you’re probably running in an endless loop, and low on steam.

As a time management consultant, I encourage clients to take a step back and identify some of the time management traps they might have fallen into. I encourage them to track their activities, and pinpoint which ones are actually productive – and lucrative.

If you need help identifying your own time management pitfalls, Marla Tabaka, a life and business coach who frequently columns for Inc. Magazine, has come up with the following set of true/false statements to see if you have fallen for the traps. They can be applied to lawyers, or other business professionals.

  • I give away a lot of my products, services and/or time to convince a prospect to buy.
  • I will often break my own rules and take risks that could lead to not being paid on time – or at all.
  • I run errands, do housework or take personal phone calls during my ‘work day’.
  • I get easily distracted on the internet and am taken off-task at least once a day.
  • I answer phones, read email and attempt to complete my projects all at the same time.
  • When I get a new idea I drop what I’m doing to explore every angle of that idea.
  • I rarely assign blocks of time or schedule my tasks/goals. I just do them as I see fit – or when I can squeeze them in.
  • I spend a lot of time and resources to close a sale and I don’t keep track of the cost (including my time).
  • I feel guilty if I don’t answer the phone when my mother or best friend calls durin g my work day, so I take the call and feel preoccupied the whole time.
  • I will drop everything if the opportunity for lunch with a friend or a fun outing presents itself.
  • I do everything myself because it’s faster than explaining it to my virtual assistant, intern or freelancer.
  • I don’t bother with self-imposed deadlines because I can never meet them anyway.
  • I do all of my own administrative and bookkeeping work because I could never afford someone to do it for me.
  • I have two or more revenue-generating ideas that I feel very confident about but can never find the time to implement or explore.
  • I don’t have time to make ‘to-do’ lists, they never get completed anyway.
  • I often spend time exploring my new ideas but rarely take the time to implement them.
  • I go to networking events but rarely find the time to follow up with the people I meet.

How many of these time management traps are true to you?

Don’t get sucked down a time drain! We can take your productivity to the next level!

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Karen Cynowa

Time’s Up Consulitng


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